Client Love

"It was your presentation with instructions about the KPI sheet that saved our business! The information and metrics put us on track. It was revelatory. So helpful and transforming. Thank you for the work you do and for coming to our annual retreats."

Tarra Sachedina | The Dailey Method, Phoenix

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"Thank you so much for your time today. We found it so helpful and extremely valuable to discuss pricing and industry trends with you!"

~ Jen Lobo-Plamondon & Donna Rubin | bode NYC

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"After our first 2 sessions with you, we revamped our pricing based on your recommendations. It immediately improved our client retention to offer 30 minute consults and 3-session packages as our introductory offers. Without fail, our clients ALWAYS buy the 3 session package after the 30 minute consult as it allows them to build a relationship with the instructor. It's retention at it’s finest! What's funny is that I'd been in marketing for 35 years, so why didn’t I think to create pricing like that? It’s been brilliant! Thank you!!
~Bonny Chick | Blue Sky Pilates

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"We've opened 2 studios since we last talked to you and have implemented the new pricing, sales process, and marketing -- our auto pays have grown EXPONENTIALLY! It made such a difference! I have to say that it was making the phone calls that have converted our intro clients to auto pay. It's amazing how happy they are to hear from us. It's made all the difference. We look forward to growing our new locations to higher levels with you, thanks for all your help!"

~ Kristen Cliche | Pure Yoga Ottowa


"Before talking to Nicole, I felt as if I was in a snow globe that someone was shaking vigorously. I couldn't see my way out and felt completely overwhelmed. After our 1:1 sessions and her webinars, I could see more clearly and understand the various components that make up a successful yoga business. I've been able to make some great changes and look forward to seeing the results."

~ Shaun Jenkins | House of Yogi 

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"I have really found our consulting sessions so valuable! Even though, I went through the MBU On Demand series, it wasn't enough. I needed someone like you, with so much experience, to talk through these concepts with me, to answer questions, and to share insights. We have a unique studio, as a non profit and a different business model so it was very important to have a sounding board to discuss ideas and challenges. Thank you so much for your time and willingness to work with us."

~ Tricia Sletten | One Yoga

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"Nicole, we so look forward to our discussions with you!! We always come away with great ideas and inspiration for moving forward with our business. Thank you for your continued support. We love working with you!"

~ Lucia Almeida & Melissa Opsahl | The Bar Method - Hoboken

"My business just keeps growing and becoming more successful the more I focus on retention. It makes complete sense, cultivating long term relationships and creating a strategy for new clients has been a critical piece to our success...and I have to say that changing our pricing to a membership model was KEY! This pricing supports retention and has upheld the business through some considerable ups and downs over the last year. Thank you for your invaluable consultation on these strategies - I would do anything you told me to!

~ Michael Cornell | Align Ballet Method


"I have found the webinar program so helpful and enlightening and eye opening and full of good reminders! Love the worksheet! SO FUN to see my numbers. I am so appreciative of this time, I feel motivated and inspired now that I have a clear plan."

~Kelly Metcalf | Harmony House


"Thank you so much for presenting at our owner retreat these past two years! We've learned so much from you!
Everyone was so excited to hear you were coming back this year to review best practices; learning about KPI's, sales, and retention has been truly eye - opening. I also want to thank you for personally training our local team on the sales process you recommend - we've implemented these strategies and can't wait to see results. Thank you so much!"

~Stacey White | The Dailey Method (Corporate HQ)

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Nicole, consulting with you has completely changed my business!
After implementing your recommendations in pricing, marketing, and sales, I've seen an increase in revenue from the auto pays and the appointment schedule is completely full! My website looks amazing and more people are purchasing online. I don't worry about slow times, and I can finally sleep again! Thank you!"

~ Debbie Ross | Ross Pilates


"I just want to say thank you so much!
I tell everyone about the value of working with you. I’ll never forget the day I was panicked about dropping membership and implementing the 30 day intro offer, but I’ll tell you what it’s the best thing I ever did! Changed my business overnight. Everything is AMAZING, and I'm opening location #3. I’m so grateful."

~JoEllen Hockenbrough | Providence Power Yoga

"We always look forward to our conversations because you allow us to step back and take a good look at our business. Your advice is so valuable and we so appreciate you!"

~ Melissa Ferrigno & Carolyn Loh | Bar Method Ridgewood

"Thank you so much for your invaluable expertise around pricing, marketing, and sales.
Recurring revenue from auto pays has increased 26% in 4 months, I am retaining 70% of my new clients when before working together, I was losing up to 60%!!! Retention from intro offer to other packages has spiked to 66% which has resulted in increased revenue. I am so happy we met, thank you for all of your help!"

~ Stephanie Breaux Bradley | The Dailey Method Lafayette

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"After working with you, I have gone from 0 to 215 memberships in just 4 months, my revenue is up 40% year over year, and the classes are completely full! It's a completely different business thanks to your recommendations. I've also freed up time to work on the blog and really engage with members. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!!"

~Cheryl Swansburg | Yoga Sakti        

Yoga Shakti Logo

"When we think back to where we were last year, we are extremely grateful that we made contact with you. I am sure you hear it all the time from your clients, but without any doubt you single handedly have been the key behind the strategic planning and renewed growth of our business over the last year. Thank You !" logo-red-u9650

~ Michael Houghton | Bikram Yoga Fitzroy

"I can't even begin to tell you how much your help has changed my business in the last 60 days. I have implemented everything you have shared with me, and it's worked so fast - my revenue has gone up substantially in just this short amount of time!!!! I feel so much more hopeful and inspired than I did before we began consulting. How can I ever thank you enough??? You are amazing!!!"

~ Sara Giller | Bar Method Rye Brook 


"Thank you so much for the inspiration and hope you've given me! Since we've worked together, I have been able to find more energy to put towards the business and feel encouraged to try new strategies. You are awesome!"       

~ Kelley BoydSavannah Yoga Center


"I learned so much from you at MBU NYC. Out of all the presenters there, I resonated with you the most! It inspired me to sign up for consulting at the event, and within one month of working together and implementing new pricing, revenue has already increased significantly. Thanks for coming by the studio and thanks for your help! logo_378x127

~Suze Yalof Schwartz
Unplug Meditation

"If not for consulting with you Nicole, I would have had to close my business a year ago. At that time, I wasn't making enough money to keep it going, and now after implementing the tools you've shared with me, I've doubled my revenue year over year! I'm amazed at the change and I credit my success to working with you. Thank you so much for your help, it's made such a difference!"

~Emma Magenta | South Mountain Yoga
south mountain yoga

"Consulting with Nicole has been, hands down, the most valuable service we’ve experienced so far since joining MINDBODY, Inc.  She is so bright and knowledgeable! We are so grateful!"Logo_BarMethod

~Laura Stein | Bar Method Palo Alto and San Mateo

"Nicole brings with her experience and knowledge first hand from being within the business. She has lived what she preaches and it's in her wisdom that we are able to trust her insights. It was only our second consultation when she asked us to completely revamp our pricing with $20 + price decrease in our auto-renew membership. Her wisdom showed through because we have seen our memberships TRIPLE in under 2 months! We appreciate her enthusiasm and simplicity of how to grow our business. We enjoy working with Nicole, and recommend everyone to do the same. There is always room for growth and Nicole has ____________________
helped us understand the power of strategy. Her communication and passion empowers us as a team. We are inspired, and forever grateful. Thank you!"

~Lindsay Lusignay | Sid Yoga

"Consulting has helped Yoga Mala through a potentially challenging time.  With Nicole's guidance, I was able turn what I perceived as a negative, threatening, potentially disastrous  situation into a time of growth and transformation for my business.  She opened my eyes to the excitement existing within a challenge, and provided a map to success. yoga mala
Thank you so much for all of your help!"

~Emma Korkola Yoga Mala

September 2013
"Since working with Nicole I have really seen my business objectively for the first time in the three years we have been operating. Working with Nicole has given me new insight, tools and resources that 

provided the much needed clarity required to drive my business in a new direction. It is a time commitment on your part – there has been homework and time taken to implement new practices but the results are already speaking for themselves. We only rolled out the first of our changes on the 1st of this month and have so far seen a 65% increase in the number of new clients...and there are still 6 days to go, plus an Open House, before this month is out. In a nutshell, I am one very satisfied client!"

September 2014
"Everything has increased so much over the past year and I am so grateful for that, and to you for giving me the knowledge to move forward. I am paying myself now!"

~ Gemma James | Sense of Space

pure pilates logo"As the busy owner of a boutique Pilates studio for 10 years, it's often challenging to see the forest through the trees and there's not a lot of time to contemplate either.  Nicole is amazing to work with — I appreciate and value her professionalism and expertise; her communication is clear & concise; and she always delivers on time, in a positive, refreshing & inspiring manner.  Nicole quickly assessed & understood my current business dynamics and together we designed a strategic & dynamic action plan to attain my specific business goals & expectations for the future in a realistic time frame.  Nicole is not only a dedicated & experienced consultant but she is also part of the team — which makes all the difference!"

~ Karen Winselmann | Pure Pilates


"Nicole has truly helped me take control of my business. She has helped me streamline processes so I can stay focused on what is most important, as well as shared best practices which have increased sales. I couldn't be happier! "

~ Julia Pickslay | Assets Barre Fitness

"For the first time since I opened, I not only can pay myself but I was able to step away from the business for a month. Before working with you, neither of these things were possible! It is a direct result of the work we have done together that my business is now generating a profit, retaining clients, and attracting new people. Thank you so much. I am so grateful!"

yoga-logo~ Michele Landis, Yoga at Simply Well      


"Consulting with Nicole has been the most helpful thing I've done since opening my yoga studio! It's so beneficial to have someone who knows MINDBODY to assist me with business best practices."Logo_JayaniYoga

~ Jill Gutowski | Jayani Yoga

"I find that consulting with Nicole is very helpful, invaluable really for keeping me focused on what's important in my business. Consulting keeps me on track."

~Suzanne Lynch | Saratoga Springs YogaSSY-newBanner