Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a completed KPI sheet to work with you? 
A. Yes, but you have 2 options for this. I can send you the template and you can fill out 6 months on your own using the directions in the sheet and the KPI webinar ($50), or I can do it for you ($800 for 6 months). Alternatively, as a new client you can also sign up for the Foundation Webinar Program or the 1:1 Immersive Program and I'll train you to do it during these sessions.


Q. How far in advance do you need to have the KPI spreadsheet?

A. 48 hours in advance if you are filling it out yourself

Q. What happens if my numbers are incorrect in the KPI spreadsheet?

A. I won’t be able to give you appropriate advice. All insight and recommendations come from looking at past history data in revenue, attendance, and retention.

Q. Do you fill out KPI spreadsheets if I don’t have time or don’t know how?

A. Yes, I do! I provide training on how to run these reports in both the Foundation Webinar and 1:1 Immersive Programs as well as a "Monthly KPI Update" service where you receive your numbers and a report card for $125 per month. This is an auto pay and has a 3 month minimum commitment.

Q. What services are included when I book Consulting sessions with you?

A. You will receive specific and expert advice for 60 minutes via phone or SKYPE on industry proven best practices in analyzing KPI's (metrics), marketing, sales, retention, pricing, and staff management. 

Q. What can I expect for our first appointment?

A. The first appointment will focus on the data in the 2016/2017 KPI sheet. Once I evaluate your numbers in these key areas, I’ll make specific recommendations on areas for growth. We will then set goals for the next few appointments and focus our work together where you need it most. I will always call you at our appointment time via phone or SKYPE (depends on your preference) - SO PLEASE include the number you'd like me to call!

Q. How many appointments do I need?

A. As a new client, you are required to enroll in one of my two programs. You can either choose the Foundation Webinar Program or 1:1 Immersive Program. Each program includes consulting sessions, webinars, cheat sheets & worksheets that will take you through the foundation of setting up a healthy, profitable class-based business. If you are an existing client or an appointment-based business owner, I recommend choosing the (3) pack of 60 minute consulting sessions so we can review these areas.

QDo you give refunds or provide extensions?
A. I do not provide refunds for any programs / sessions, however you are welcome to transfer them to someone in your business. I do not provide extensions after the 12 month expiration for any reason.