Ready to take the next step in transforming

your yoga, wellness, or fitness business?

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My consulting practice is built on over 20 years in the yoga, wellness, and fitness industry:

~10 years as an instructor

~20 years in sales and marketing
~5 years as core faculty and educator at MINDBODY University (MBU)
~8 years as a full-time consultant with over 5,000 sessions with business owners like yourself from San Francisco to Sydney to London

~3 years as a product advisor to MINDBODY Partner company CEO/Founders


I've worked with owners who were losing money and clients due to competitors and lost instructors, who then had an amazing turn around that resulted in revenue growth up to 125% year over year and putting that competitor out of business.

I've worked with owners who had expanded locations and were retaining less than 10% of their new clients, who then boosted to 75% retention resulting in thousands of dollars earned on a recurring basis.

I've worked with boutique studios in small towns and major, multi - location franchises that span the globe.

No matter the obstacle or challenge, the strategies I teach increase revenue, attendance and retention for every client I work with.

My consulting program is firmly based on understanding client retention metrics and a focus on recurring revenue generation to stabilize and grow your business.

A complete analysis of where you are retaining or losing clients is critical for taking the next step of optimizing pricing. We then derive optimal pricing by calculating average attendance with revenue analysis, while also simplifying the menu for increased sales. Next is marketing strategies to get new clients in the door, where we review best practices based on location, demographic, challenges, and strengths. Lastly, an organized and effective sales process is created to take new clients on a path to auto pay membership, thereby increasing retention, attendance, and overall recurring revenue.

These steps are linear and create the necessary, solid foundation you need to create a successful, profitable, and sustainable wellness or fitness business. Once these processes are in place, you will see a positive change within 90 days - guaranteed!

As a NEW consulting client, you have 2 ways to work with me:

Business Foundation Program
Business Transformation Program

Please feel free to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consult to discuss the programs and your needs in more detail. You are also welcome to research each program individually and purchase immediately. As soon as you purchase, you will be sent an email with all webinars, worksheets, cheat sheets, and links to schedule consulting sessions.