Build a Successful Class Based Business in 4 Steps

  • Do you question whether you are priced optimally?
  • Do you know whether your clients return after their first visit to your studio?
  • How about if they buy packages or membership or just disappear?
  • Do you want to grow your business without losing your mind?

No matter where you are located and what services you provide, these questions are the same for every fitness/wellness entrepreneur. The answer to these questions is found in the analysis of your retention metrics!

Once you analyze your retention rates, there is clarity around pricing your services. When you have a simple and solid pricing menu, then marketing becomes effective. Implementing a sales process keeps the clients coming back.  This is the process and system that will allow your business to grow, without your constant oversight and management!

Retention = Revenue!


  • 4 (45) minute visual and educational webinars on Retention, Pricing, Marketing & Sales
  • 2 (20) minute private consult sessions
  • Simple step-by-step Retention & Pricing worksheets
  • Comprehensive Marketing Calendar: Plan Your Year
  • Sales Scripts that Convert Clients to Membership
  • Email check ins to support your process

$495 per person - SIGN UP NOW!

"After working with you, I have gone from 0 to 215 memberships in 4 months, revenue is up 40% year over year, & the classes are completely full! It's a completely different business thanks to your recommendations. I've also freed up time for blogging & now can engage with members. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!!"

Yoga Shakti Logo~Cheryl Swansburg | Yoga Sakti  
"Thank you so much for your invaluable expertise around pricing, marketing, and sales. Recurring revenue from auto pays has increased 26% in 4 months, I am retaining 70% of my new clients when before working together, I was losing up to 60%!!! Retention from intro offer to other packages has spiked to 66% which has resulted in increased revenue. I am so happy we met, thank you for all of your help!"
Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 2.16.35 PM~ Stephanie Bradley | The Dailey Method Lafayette
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“I have found the webinars so helpful! I’ve taken notes and used 2 computers like you recommended. I then review the recordings, pause them when I need to for questions. They are so clear, easy to understand, and the information you provide is eye-opening. Thank you so much!” 
~ Micole | Onyx Yoga Studio
The webinars were exactly what I was looking for! I needed to understand the reports in a way that was meaningful, and during the course I found it very easy to understand how to interpret the data. I found the webinars clear, to the point, and appreciated that you gave just enough information to understand concepts. I was able to absorb the information and then implement without feeling overwhelmed! It gives the right amount of guidance and I would say there's something in the series for everyone, no matter where you are in your business. It's affordable, valuable, and gratifying. Thank you!
~ Allison Hetrick | One Body Studios

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