How to Price an Intro Offer

For class-based businesses, the most effective way to attract new clients is to market with an irresistible introductory offer. Irresistible refers to price as well as length of offer. 


Length of Offer 

The month long offer has the best retention, as it guarantees the new client will return to the business more than once. One month is also easy to sell. It gives the client enough time to create a new habit of going to the business, allows them to try different instructors, class times, class levels, meet other clients, as well as start to see some physical and mental benefits. 


The price of a month long offer depends on a few factors. The size of the practice space is important as it determines number of clients accommodated. If the space is big, the price can be lower whereas if the space is smaller, the price would be higher. Location also determines price, for example a business in NYC would likely have a higher intro offer than one in the suburbs ofSacramento, CA. Another factor is whether the business is new or established, whether the demographic is educated on the service (they know what it is and why it’s great), as well as competition. The price should qualify clients to buy other packages, but shouldn’t be a barrier to entry. Common intro offer prices for yoga studios range from $30 - $59 whereas, Barre classes range from $50 - $99. 


When clients are new to a service, they aren’t sure if they will like it or not. New clients also have high attrition, industry average stats are 50% will not come back after the first visit. It’s nearly impossible for new clients to know if they want to continue with the service after one class. In a class based business, they don’t receive personal attention and 9 x out of 10 they wound up in a class that was too hard for them. In order to retain them, increase attendance, and maximize the chances of staying with the service, 30 days has proven again and again to have 70% or more retention with new clients. It’s just long enough for them to practice enough and see a few benefits to increase chances of converting.  



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How to Sell the Intro Offer on the First Visit

Because retention of new clients is so low for a group fitness (barre or yoga) studio, I recommend selling a 30 day intro offer on that first visit. The intro offer should be “irresistible” - meaning it should compel the client to purchase it. For yoga studios the price is usually between $30 - $89, and for barre studios it’s usually between $79 - $129. The intro price is roughly half of your auto pay membership price and maybe a bit lower depending on how full classes are. In order to get the client interested in the intro offer, I recommend pricing your drop in at a relatively high price in comparison. New clients have a choice of 1 time in a class for high price or a month long pass of classes for a good price. Along with a solid sales process, motivating text on your website, and a big call to action button allowing them to purchase immediately, the intro offer will sell itself. One more strategy includes allowing clients to take class first, while you keep their ID or keys at the front desk, and selling them the intro offer after. Sometimes an experience first goes a long way in motivating a new client to purchase.

Yoga and Sales = More Revenue

In order to create a process whereby you take a new client to becoming a long term member, I recommend creating a high touch sales process. This process is 4 weeks long (the same length as the 30 day intro offer) and consists of 2 phone calls and 3 emails. Each week, the client will receive a communication from the owner or the yoga advisor. The first email is simply to welcome them to your studio as is the first phone call. This personalizes their visit. The second email is a preview on a discount for the auto pay membership that they receive if they commit before the intro offer expires. This email is branded, contains photos, and provides motivating copy as to why they should join and what they get if they do. The next step is a sales call, this is where the owner or advisor calls the client and provides education on packages or the auto pay based on frequency. The last email is sent in the 4th week, and is more urgent – it motivates them to purchase the auto pay membership in order to get the discount.

When a client is new to your yoga studio, they are the most apt to never return. The industry average attrition rate is 50% - this translates to one out of two clients never returning to your studio after the first visit. The way to get them to return is to offer a compelling intro offer coupled with a structured follow up sales process.  The key to selling intro offers, auto pay memberships and other packages is optimized pricing.


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