Opening a Yoga Studio


Steps To Follow When Opening A Yoga Studio

When opening a yoga studio, finding the perfect space is just one of the steps to consider when opening a new yoga business. Other steps include identifying the demographic (i.e. who will you serve), rent per square foot, lease term, competition, walk and drive by visibility, signage opportunities, parking, and whether or not you can have showers. These are some preliminary boxes to check off when you are completing a business plan. Additionally, you will need to work out a pre opening and ongoing marketing strategy, pricing of services, hiring of teachers/ staff, purchasing MINDBODY software and create an operations budget and forecast.  


One of the most successful pre opening marketing strategies I recommend when opening a yoga studio is offering a 2 month intro offer at a good price as well as a special founding membership. Advertising this in the local paper, large banners on the side of your building/in the windows, side walk signage, google ads, flyers, Facebook, and on your website are the marketing vehicles I recommend. The earlier the better! You will want to create a deadline to purchase these special pricing offers to create urgency. Typically a grand opening party takes place 4-6 weeks after the doors open – this would be a great day to end the sale.

Understand Your Goals

Your goal when opening a yoga studio is to get as many clients interested and purchasing by the sale end date. Remember, that an intro offer leads to auto pay membership along with a good sales process. You will advertise the founding memberships to the intro offer clients through a series of phone calls and emails, so that they are privy to the discount.