Nicole Chetaud MINDBODY business consulting


  • "Nicole has truly helped me take control of my business. She has helped me streamline processes so I can stay focused on what is most important as well as shared best practices which have increased sales. Iā€™m enjoying business growth because of it!"
  • "Consulting with Nicole has been the most helpful thing I've done since opening my yoga studio! It's so beneficial to have someone who knows MINDBODY to assist me with business best practices."
  • "As the busy owner of a boutique Pilates studio for 10 years, it's often challenging to see the forest through the trees and there's not a lot of time to contemplate either. Nicole is amazing to work with ā€” I appreciate and value her professionalism and expertise; her communication is clear & concise; and she always delivers on time, in a positive, refreshing & inspiring manner. Nicole quickly assessed & understood my current business dynamics and together we designed a strategic & dynamic action plan to attain my specific business goals & expectations for the future in a realistic time frame. Nicole is not only a dedicated & experienced consultant but she is also part of the team ā€” which makes all the difference!"
  • "Since working with Nicole I have really seen my business objectively for the first time in the three years we have been operating. Working with Nicole has given me new insight, tools and resources that provided the much needed clarity required to drive my business in a new direction. It is a time commitment on your part ā€“ there has been homework and time taken to implement new practices but the results are already speaking for themselves. We only rolled out the first of our changes on the 1st of this month and have so far seen a 65% increase in the number of new clients...and there are still 6 days to go, plus an Open House, before this month is out. In a nutshell, I am one very satisfied client!"
  • "Consulting has helped Yoga Mala through a potentially challenging time. With Nicole's guidance, I was able turn what I perceived as a negative, threatening, potentially disastrous situation into a time of growth and transformation for my business. She opened my eyes to the excitement existing within a challenge, and provided a map to success. Thank you so much for all of your help!"
  • "Nicole brings with her experience and knowledge first hand from being within the business. She has lived what she preaches and it's in her wisdom that we are able to trust her insights. It was only our second consultation when she asked us to completely revamp our pricing with $20 + price decrease in our auto-renew membership. Her wisdom showed through because we have seen our memberships TRIPLE in under 2 months! We appreciate her enthusiasm and simplicity of how to grow our business. We enjoy working with Nicole, and recommend everyone to do the same. There is always room for growth, and Nicole has helped us understand the power of strategy. Her communication and passion empowers us as a team. We are inspired, and forever grateful. Thank you!"

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